Frequently Asked Questions

Lash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Enhance your natural lashes by attaching individual synthetic extensions to your own lashes with a medical grade adhesive. Each set is customized to achieve your desired look whether it is length, volume or both. 

How do I Care for my Eye Lash Extensions?

After your initial Custom Lash Extension you will be given an easy to follow care guide outlining proper maintenance to ensure longer lasting beautiful lashes.


What is the Maintenance for Lash Extensions? 

We recommend scheduling your Lash Lift appointments every 2-5 weeks to keep them looking their best. Your lifestyle and desired look will determine when a lift is needed. 

Can anyone wear lash extensions? 

Yes, almost everyone can wear lash extensions. The only concerns would be if you have allergies to latex and/or synthetics. If you are not sure, we recommend before your custom application you come in to get a test done by having us apply one lash extension to each eye. This should be tested for 24 hours. 

Do I have to change my daily routine to wear lash extensions? 

No, you can still use your favorite products but you want to avoid direct contact to the actual lash extensions. Approved products are recommended for direct contact with lash extensions. 

If I wear contacts, can I get lash extensions? 

Yes, wearing contacts does not affect your lash extensions in any way. It is actually more comfortable on the eyes because you will not be wearing mascara and will not have to worry about the extra residue around the eyes. 

Can I get my lash extensions wet? 

Yes, your lash extensions are waterproof.  You need to keep them dry for the first 24 hours after application and then you do not have to worry.  You can swim and shower normally, it is necessary to wet your lash extensions to clean them. Chlorine and salt water are also fine for your lash extensions. 

Do lash extensions look fake? 

We customize each set depending on your desired look. We can apply them as natural or as dramatic as you would like. 

Do lash extensions hurt my natural lashes? 

As long as your extensions are applied by qualified specialists they actually strengthen your natural lashes. When wearing extensions you do not have to curl your lashes or wear mascara, therefore you are not putting daily stress on your natural lashes.  Best eyelash extensions!


Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique where a special hand tool and color pigment are used to etch hair-like strokes just under the skin’s surface.  Microblading can fill in sparse brows or create an entire brow.  The 3D effect adds realism to the result, creating brows that look like real hair strokes, at the surface of the skin.  The effects of the treatment are semi-permanent and last up to two years. Clients will typically have an initial treatment, followed by a follow up retouch treatment to fill in any areas and add depth to the look.  This is the hottest beauty trend!

Permanent Cosmetics

What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetic makeup, also known as micropigmentation is the art and science of implanting color into the dermal layer of the skin.  It is putting the perfect color in the right place to make each client look their best.  

Will it look natural?

The Beauty Secrets Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Technique is soft and natural.  This is achieved by our technique paired with the digital machine and hypoallergenic pigments.  Once your new makeup is healed the color is under the skin and you will have family and friends questioning how you look so good a and put together all day long!

Why should I do Permanent Cosmetics?

Having your brows and liner done will save you time and money since you will no longer have to spend hours in front of the mirror applying expensive makeup that only ends up smearing and disappearing during the coarse of a long day.  Think of all the extra time and money you will have to spend doing the things you never had time for before!

What is the process?

You will start with a consultation to talk with the technician to discuss your goals, fill out forms and find your desired shape and color.  A pain control product will be used to numb the area, prevent swelling and bleeding.  Your service will then be completed, taking approximately one and a half hours total.  This is a 2-step service, you will schedule a "perfecting session" for 3 weeks from initial service.

What is the aftercare?

You will be given instructions and ointment to take home with you for healing.  It is a 5-7 day healing process.  While the color heals it will look darker and bolder, and on the 5th day turn into soft and natural perfection.

Will I have to have it re-done?

Permanent cosmetics stay in the skin forever but fade over time.  Color boosts are recommended annually to keep your makeup looking fresh.